About this site

*I have moved!*

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I am obsessed with pleasure; and you should be too. This site is my little pleasure bubble where I share my thoughts on anything and everything pleasure related. Sometimes I just babble.  Sometimes I review and explore current research in the domain of sexology (FYI: Sexology is the scientific study of human sexuality).  Sometimes I am inspired and creative. Sometimes I quit halfway through writing to go self-pleasure and get re-inspired again…

My hope is that you find this site not only pleasurable to read, but informative and oh so educational. If it inspires you, excites you, piques your curiosity or helps ease any roadblocks or shame you may have about sex, then I will be a happy camper. Please drop me a line if you feel so inclined ❤

Remember: Pleasure is your birthright but also a choice. Welcome it.