I believe that if you change your sex life you can change your life. Yes, really.

I’m Melanie Robson.

I can help you cultivate a passionate and pleasurable life.

My vision is to change lives by transforming people’s experiences of pleasure and intimacy.

My foray into the world of sex and pleasure – eventuating in studying sexology – began after I turned 40 (cliched but true). This was a wake-up call for me and I decided to be brave and get myself out there. This I did, and what started out as dating (I was single at the time) lead into the world of tantra, followed by exploring BDSM. Some of the experiences I had in both of these realms changed me in the best possible way. They showed me how profoundly getting in touch with your sexual self and allowing oneself to feel pleasure can dramatically chage your life.

Previously I’ve worked primarily as a counselling psychologist in a therapeutic role at a women’s health service. I’ve run groups on anxiety, depression, self-compassion, parenting and postnatal depression and anxiety. I’ve also worked in the addictions area and in research. In my youth I worked at a video store (remember them!), at a shoe shop, at a curiosities shop and as a wench at an Elizabethan restaurant; good times.

I lived – and still live – by this quote by the writer Anais Nin:

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to your courage”


(Post) Graduate Diploma in Sexology

Masters of Psychology (Counselling)

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Psychology

Bachelor of Health Science (Health Promotion)

ABN: 48 494 060 961

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