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Wondering what I actually do and what services I offer? This is your page!

In a nutsell I am a sex-positive person who specialises in helping people – individuals, couples, other dynamics – have a better sex life. My practice is informed by my knowledge in the areas of (science and research-based) sexology and psychology, and also by my personal experiences.  In working on sexual and/or relationship difficulties, I focus on helping people maximise and normalise pleasure, and to take proud ownership of their sexual self regardless of sex, gender or sexuality. I am kink-friendly, and I also draw on Eastern philosophies of the feminine and masculine in approaching sexuality.

Sex and relationship coaching

Sex and relationships are the places where we learn the most about ourselves; but can also be the most challenging and confronting parts of our lives. It takes courage to explore your sexual desires and to develop deep emotional and sexual intimacy with another person.

I offer one-on-one sex and relationship coaching for individuals and couples. These can be done online via zoom/webcam. Below are some (but not all) of the areas I can help with:

*Overcoming sexual shame & disconnection to the sexual self;

*Building a new sex life and sexual identity after divorce and/or leaving a long-term relationship;

*Difficulties in arousal and/or orgasm;

*Erectile dysfunction and/or premature ejaculation;

*Sexual and relationship communication;

*Managing different sexual needs and desires;

*Understanding the sexual, emotional and psychological differences between men and women/the masculine and the feminine;

*Exploring alternative sexual practices like Tantra and/or BDSM.

*I don’t work with abuse & trauma but can work in conjunction with a therapist who does.


Who would’ve thought that we need sex education for adults? But when you think about it, why wouldn’t you? What we learn in school and from friends/family is usually not only basic ‘don’t get pregnant and don’t get an STI (sexually transmitted infection)’ but also fear-based, medical and almost anti-pleasure. Or, we go online, discover porn or try to find useful information elsewhere. We experiment. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. How can something so natural be so hard at times?

Because good sex is all about learning and growth.

My workshops are for women and men who are interested in:

* Learning about pleasure, desire, and arousal;

*Understanding the differences between the masculine and feminine;

*Getting back to basics of anatomy and biology;

*Barriers to mind-blowing pleasure and intimacy;

*For women, how using a yoni egg can enhance vaginal strength and orgasm intensity.

I also have workshops for parents and carers who are interested in learning:

*How to talk to your children about sex and relationships;

*Age appropriate conversations and teachable moments;

*Navigating a porn-soaked online world and online safety;

*Emerging gender-diversity and sexual orientation (LBGTQIA);

*Overcoming embarrassment and awkwardness in conversations about sex;

*Promoting healthy sexuality and relationships.


Human sexuality doesn’t stop just because we age.

However, intimacy, sex and relationships needs and desires can change as we change and mature.

For services that have clients and residents who are in an older age bracket it can be a difficult topic for staff and/or clients to broach. People may re-partner or may want to explore casual sex if they are widowed or divorced; this is healthy and normal. However, it is not uncommon for STIs to spread among this population who may have never had to think about safe sex. Further, it can be tricky to manage and support emerging intimate relationships for clients and staff.

I can support businesses and services that work with older people by providing professional workshops for both staff and/or clients on topics such as:

*Re-partnering challenges;

*Safe sex and prevention of STIs;


*Sexual and intimacy needs as we age;

*Changing body abilities;

*Sexual and interpersonal communication

*Tailored workshops and talks depending on issues at hand.

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